Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WIP Wednesday

So...................the back for my Girl Friday sweater is finished! I finished the arm hole decreases so I just need to bind off. I started on the right side on Monday night too so that's coming along as well!

Also, have I shown you this?

We made a path to our pond with some of the left over flagstone from the patio. It still needs a little work but it's a start. Right when you get close to the dock it gets a little too steep for these and since we don't really want anyone walking down to our pond and landing on their butt from steep, slippery rocks (namely us) we need another solution for the end of the path. We'll probably end up making a few steps down there.

We are working hard on getting all the yarn back in stock that sold out at SAFF. I have also been working on a couple of wholesale orders so the restocking has been a little slow going. Plus, I have a couple of new projects that I have been working on that I will hopefully be able to tell you about in a couple of weeks. We did manage to get some new bowls up on the site and we are still working through the custom orders.

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