Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just a bunch of random stuff

LOOK! I have a new keyboard!

Fancy, eh?

We made some applesauce with some yummy fresh N. GA apples!!

Did you know that a candle will melt if it is left on your porch and the sun is in the right place in the sky to shine directly into your porch onto said candle?

Has anyone seen my desk? I can't seem to find it.

Note to self: Get to work on the wholesale order for Only Ewe and Cotton Too! so that I can get all of this BFL off of my desk!


jomamma said...

Like that keyboard... I'm the queen of melted goo on the deck. Nice candle holder, do you have those on the website? Your desk looks like my sewing machine. I can't find my sewing machine. Thank goodness next week is a school holiday and I can try to locate it.

grace said...

I have that same exact keyboard at work. I LOVE it.

Turtle said...

i had to laugh at the candle, yes, after living in hawaii i learned this lesson and that things will melt in your mailbox if not checked soon after delivery as well.