Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yes, I know

that the blog is off kilter. I know you have been anxiously awaiting my posts that go up at 5AM every morning and you are starting to think that Knit Witch is a bit of a slacker. Well, I really have no excuse other than the fact that we are trying to put the finishing touches on everything and get the trailer loaded up for SAFF.

We are so excited about going to SAFF this year!!!! We love SAFF and how laid back it is and you can stroll around and pet animal heads when you have time (which isn't often as it tends to be a really busy show). We have what seems like a million errands to run tomorrow to get us, the house and the pets ready for our departure. My son and his girlfriend are staying here in our absence so we have to have plenty of pizza here to feed the kids! Of course, we have to have all of the "house instructions" written out too - you know, don't leave the heaters running, no glass in the hot tub, don't run with scissors, that sort of thing. Good thing our neighbor will be here for some mild supervision - haha!

No, really, they are GREAT house watchers while we are gone. We love having them come. It is so nice to have the house be all in order and nice and clean when we get back and knowing that we don't have to worry about anything while we are gone is REALLY a nice feeling.

In other news - there are some additional bowls on the site that we just got done putting on there. Here's a couple of them. You can find the rest HERE.

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Turtle said...

lol, ok we forgive you! (your tardiness)