Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Days!

Yes, the Blue Ridge Brewery finally had it's grand opening on Friday and Saturday nights!

Of course, we were there both nights - I mean, we couldn't miss out on any of the fun right?? Pat and Polina are the owners and they are a couple of the nicest people I have ever met. They have done an amazing job turning this former Christmas shop into a great looking pub!

Pat and Polina Walker

I gotta tell ya too - they have hired the MOST AMAZING staff I have ever seen (and I have been involved with the restaurant business for a long time). I can't believe the staff that they have put together. Everyone is so nice, so "people friendly", so excited and so committed to helping Pat and Polina make this place work!

Candle, Pat and Sandy.


Polina in the kitchen.

The food is delicious! This kitchen staff REALLY knows what they are doing. I think everyone was very impressed.

Ian's bluegrass band played for the opening on Friday night so that was really fun too!

Rurick, Justin and Ian.

Drew, Ian and me.

Wayne and I on Saturday night.

The people around here are so excited about this place so we are so happy for the owners. This place is really going to change Blue Ridge!! This place is even walking distance from our house so that makes it even better. Here is where we will sit when we are walking Petey - he can join us out on the deck for a beer.

So, if you are ever here in Blue Ridge be sure to check out the Blue Ridge Brewery. You might even see us there! Mom and dad - I can't wait to take you guys here!!! You are gonna love this place! :)


TURBOchic said...

oh hell yeah! I am thrilled. Matt and I will definitely have to drive the 45 minutes.

Turtle said...

lol, but your both drinking wine!

it looks so nice inside but very conservative outside, is that to appease the community?

jomamma said...

Don't you just love a place that you can walk to, and crawl home from! We had Bluegrass music this weekend too.