Monday, October 26, 2009


We are back from SAFF! We got in late last night and are trying to get things back in know...."find things". We had SUCH A GREAT TIME!!! I just can't tell you how many wonderful people we have met through Knit Witch. We love what we do and weekends like this just make it all worthwhile. SAFF is such a great show. The vendors are great, the people are great and the alpacas and sheep are so cute!!! We didn't really have time to do much walking around though.

Cristi helped us in our booth all weekend which was an absoutle blessing! We were so happy to have her help and her expertise with us. She *may* have come away with a few "thank you gifts" for being there to help us!!

THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by our booth! We managed to make it indoors this year (WOO HOOO!) and we had a GREAT spot! Next year we know to bring a bigger banner so that everyone will be able to find us a little easier. The fact that we weren't on the map since our booth change was last minute didn't help. But, plenty of people managed to find us and consequently, we had our best show yet!

I have a few custom orders to fill, several wholesale orders to get busy on, a trailer to unload, some inventorying to do and some pictures to download! I haven't even looked at our pictures yet (mainly because I haven't managed to find the cameras just yet) but when I do I will have some pictures of the festivities for you. I have some VERY entertaining pictures of Gryphon (of Sanguine Gryphon) for all of you!

The only downside is that Mr. Man has managed to get "the ick". He is asleep on the couch right now and feels like crap. He spent Sunday at the show feeling like crap, running a fever, and just generally feeling like probably doing anything but breaking down a booth and driving for 3 hours. But, we are home and he is resting. He will be getting on some custom orders as soon as he is feeling better.


Hockey Mom said...

It was so good seeing you guys! We had a great time on Saturday night.

I hope Mr. Man starts to feel better soon. *Hugs*

katey said...

Wait. He was sick on Sunday and hugged on me anyway? Is that why I'm sick now? Tell him that we are now paying the price for our forbidden relationship.

Jane said...

It was a wonderful SAFF, and I'm glad the crowd was good to you. Hope Mr. feels better soon! (Yeah, he hugged me, too. Several times. If I get sick, it's all his fault!)

grace said...

It was so great seeing you guys again! Hope Mr. Man gets to feeling better.

And I love my new yarn. :D

Turtle said...

glad you had a blast, awe, fell better mr man. Our drummer stopped by today to pick up something and as he walks into the house says" i have swine flu" he really does, poor guys lymph nodes were so swollen, resembled mumps! but he is medicated and not contagious and feeling better this week vs last week, still i felt like i wanted a bunch of hand sanitizer after he left. (luv him but....!!)

turtlegirl76 said...

Aw man! I hope Wayne gets to feeling better quickly!