Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SAFF - Day 0

SAFF started with our drive to Asheville. Check out this gorgeous sunrise that we saw on the way. We had to stop the car and take some pictures.

We got there and checked out our fancy new indoor booth space!

We started unloading the trailer and it wasn't too long until I started hearing some loud expitives from Mr. Man. We suddenly realized that we had forgotten the cross pieces for our displays that the yarns hang on!!!! CRAP! I had taken them out to the trailer to pack them and then Wayne took them into the shop to drill better holes in them. Then, we forgot about them and never got them into the trailer! We were faced with making a 6 hour round trip drive back home to get them. I asked if he couldn't just go to Lowe's and get all the stuff he needed to make them again. That prospect sounded much better to him than a 6 hour drive (after we had just driven 3!) so he went off to Lowe's while I unloaded the rest of the trailer and started working on the booth. He then turned the parking lot into a mini-workshop and got busy.

Katey stopped by to help us put the booth together.

By the end of the day we were all ready to go!

Later that night we joined Katey, Amy and Laurie for dinner and drinks at Carraba's (why yes, I did feel like I was cheating by eating at another Italian restaurant thankyouverymuch). It was a lot of fun and the food was actually really good. Not as good as Provino's though you understand.


turtlegirl76 said...

It'll be interesting to compare the booth before, to after. Especially that sock yarn wall!

Anonymous said...

What a great example of teamwork and ingenuity!

Turtle said...

at least that was all that was forgotten!

katey said...

Wow, that's not even a terrible photo of me. Shocking.