Friday, October 30, 2009

S.E.X. at SAFF???

So, I'm sure you are all wondering if I participated in any S.E.X. during SAFF. Why yes, yes I did. Not too much because we were so busy but I did manage to squeeze in a couple of things. I had really wanted to go visit the Knitting Notions booth and pick up a few things and I was planning to do that on Sunday. However, since Mr. Man got sick I really didn't leave the booth too much that day.

First up - Bugga!!! Gryphon was kind enough to trade me a skein of Bugga! for a yarn bowl. I picked "Blue Lobster" - you know I am such a sucker for blues! The picture has been shamelessly swiped from Gryphon's website but I don't think she will mind too much since I am giving the the address to go over there and shop HERE. However, poor Gryphon never seems to sell anything so she never has any Bugga! on her site for you to buy.

Here's a cute story for you. On Thursday when we were setting up Gryphon and Kate (of Dragonfly Fibers) needed some help setting up their booth. We were happy to help so Wayne, Katey and I went over there and helped them to get everything all set up. Katey went over first and as a joke I gave her one of our shopping bags (that has Knit Witch and our logo printed on it) and told her to tell Gryphon to hang this up in their booth. It was a joke of course.

Wayne and I went over there and we joked with them about the bag and I started to get it and take it back to our booth. Gryphon was like "Oh no you don't! We are keeping that here!". Ummmm - why? She then took the bag and wrote in big purple letters on it "WE LOVE KNIT WITCH AND HER SEXY MAN!" and then proceeded to hang it up in the booth. It was hilarious. I don't know why no one seemed to think about getting a picture of this.

So, the bag stayed and people actually came to our booth looking for "my sexy man". Of course, Wayne hated this - poor thing. They left that bag up there all weekend. On Sunday I went over there and I told them that some day, when they hit it big like Knit Witch and have their very own printed bags that I would return the favor and hang one of their bags up in our booth. This was, of course, hilarious because I don't think there is a knitter anywhere who does not know about Sanguine Grypon and her scrumptious yarns and why she sells out of stuff as soon as she puts it up on the site!

On Saturday night there were drawings for all kinds of prizes at the Fiber In at the Holiday Inn. The first prize up for a win was a Knit Witch yarn bowl! Guess who won?? ME! How ironic, right? I was allowed to choose another prize - so all quick like before it got snapped up - I grabbed the lone skein of Miss Babs yarn that was present - YAY! I got a skein of Yummy in colorway Crazy S. I had to actually take this picture because I didn't see one to snag off of Miss Babs website darnit.


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You should have gone on Sunday while I was there! You could have shopped! I'da been fine. I swear! No excuses next time. At Stitches South, you shop.