Monday, November 2, 2009

Never a dull moment

There really is never a dull moment around here. This is good because it keeps you all supplied with good, interesting (well, interesting might be a stretch) blog reading. Thursday morning at about 3AM Petey started barking like CRAZY. This is extremely unusual for him. Generally, when it is time for him to go to bed - that's it - he's down. He does not want to be talked to, petted, let out, get excited about anything, fed, nothing. We get up at around 6 or 7 - Petey gets up at about 9 or 10.

He was just going on and on and on so we got up, Wayne went downstairs to see what the ruckus was and I looked out of the upstairs window. I didn't see anything and Wayne didn't see anything either. When he let Petey out Petey got this really defensive posture, started growling and barking and all of his hackles were up. Still, we didn't see anything.

Later that morning when we got up we went outside to find this:

Bears LOVE birdseed. All 3 of our feeders were smashed to bits and one of them had been carried out to the driveway. Thank goodness there was no damage to our car! Let that be a lesson for us to remember to close the shed doors at night too. If a bear went in there looking for food they could really cause a mess and a lot of damage to Wayne's tools and such out there.

This is the hook that one of the bird feeders was hanging on. It has been pulled almost straight. It's a little out of focus but you get the idea. Obviously, this is not a opossum we are talking about here!

This was something large. Like bear-sized large. There were also some rather large teeth marks in one of the feeders. The people who live behind us up on the mountain have been complaining about nuisance bears off and on. The funny thing is that Liz and I were having this conversation just this past weekend about when we thought we might see a bear on one of our properties. I told her that I bet it would be pretty soon.

So I guess it will be a while before we put our birdfeeders back up as we don't want to attract them here by any means. This is why we bring our cats in at night! Petey knows what he is talking about!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Turtle said...

ouch! our large birdfeeder that sat on (the extent of) an old utility pole out back was killed by 3 fat raccoons over the last few years all sitting in and on it at the same time. Have yet to replace it but my neighbor has a feeder he wants to put there for me that he made (thanks!). i also had to laugh as our "late breaking" news on tv this morning was the mama bear who was captured this morning and now can join the cubs caught thursday in the town next to us. Gotta love living in the burbs! (we're really country but across the water from the city, so kind of burbs)