Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SAFF - Day 1

On Friday the market opened finally! We were actually REALLY busy on Friday so that was great! Cristi helped us in our booth and unbelievably, we didn't get any pictures of her even though we spent an entire 3 days with her - we didn't get any pictures of her! What's up with that? Two bloggers - no pictures - go figure.

Here's a couple of shots of the market.

And a sneak shot of Jen and Miss Babs. We had a bird's eye view of the Miss Babs booth all weekend!

Fatimah stopped by to show off her socks she made out of our Orion colorway.

Later that night we went to the "fiber-in" at the Holiday Inn after Mr. Man and I snuck away for some yummy Thai food! It was a lot of fun and we met some great people! Thanks so much to Carrie and her mom for putting this great together!

There were lots of prizes donated and my number was the first one called! Guess what I won? A Knit Witch yarn bowl! Hahaha! They were nice and let me have the next prize down on the list - some Miss Babs yarn! Woo hooo!!!! I'll have to get a picture of it later for you. At the bottom of the picture it is the second skein from the right.

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