Monday, September 14, 2009

Vacation - Day 1

Vacation starts out with our drive down to Florida. Our first stop was The Villages in Ocala. Anyone ever been to this place? It is insane how HUGE it is. The Villages is a retirement community that spans 3 counties and has something like 75,000 homes in it. It is a completely self-contained community which means they have their own grocery stores, shopping, squares with live music nightly, bars, restaurants, over 60 golf courses, pools, recreation areas, gyms, walking/biking trails, you name it. The whole place has golf cart trails so everyone who lives there takes a golf cart just about everywhere they go unless they have to leave The Villages for some reason.

Our friend, Kris, lives there and says she goes into the garage about every 3 months to start her car to make sure it still runs!! Basically, this is a huge party town for people over 55.

Here is Kris and I on her golf cart.

Here is a shot of what one of the town squares looks like with all the golf carts.

We went down to the square one night to get dinner and listen to some music. I went up to one of the stands to order 3 cocktails for us. Wanna know how much they were?? I would have figured I would have paid about $15 or so for 3 drinks. SEVEN bucks!!! I couldn't believe it. And they were stout too - I could only drink one of them.

Here is Mr. Man enjoying the sun.

Wayne and I did lots of biking and walking on the trails while we were there. Of course, it was great to get to hang out with Kris for a couple of days too since we hadn't seen her in a while.


Sara said...

Well, I know my retirement destination!

turtlegirl76 said...

Only 22 more years to go and I can retire there too! It sounds great!

jomamma said...

Why can't all neighborhoods be like this?

Toni said...

You were practically in my backyard! I live about 40 minutes north of Ocala in Gainesville. I thought I sensed a friendly disturbance in the Force!

theyarnwhisperer said...

that's how we do things here in PTC.