Friday, September 11, 2009

More Wild Kingdom

Our neighbor had a new friend move in. Unfortunately, he is wreaking havoc on her garden. However, he is just way too cute to get rid of.

Didn't she get a great picture of him?!?! He is so adorable!!

We have lots of groundhogs around here. This is the first one I have seen on either of our properties though. He has an elaborate tunnel system all throughout her garden and he is eating squash like there is no tomorrow. That's a good thing though - we all had way too much squash anyway!

She also took this picture of a butterfly on one of her walks. I thought she was pretty.

OK squeemies..............if you don't like to look at spiders this is the end of the blog post for you - have a great weekend!!!

If you don't mind looking at spiders - check this out. I haven't seen one on our property yet but our neighbor took these pictures last weekend while she was here. Do you know what this is?

How about now?


Yep. That's a black widow spider! Didn't she get some GREAT photos of it? She was relocated to a place down the railroad tracks - hopefully there aren't TOO many of them around here.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!! We'll have some vacation pictures for you next week. I may even get some knitting done in the car - we'll see. I have a lot of swatches to make for SAFF so I'll be getting those done first and then it is on to finish the February Lady Sweater.


Shea said...

Okay, morbid curiosity forced me to look at the spider, and now I wish I hadn't. I hate spiders. Black widows and brown recluse spiders are on my squish list. All the others are free to go along their way as long as they're not touching me. I have the heebie-jeebies now.

Ellen said...

How big is that spider? It's hard to tell from the pics. The butterfly is gorgeous!

Jenny said...

oh my god, that spider looks humongous! I really, REALLY hate spiders, but I try to relocate them as well, often using a jar of some sort. However, we have no poisonous spiders in Sweden, although I have heard that there have been involuntary imports of foreign spiders with other goods. I hope I never get to see one!

The groundhog was really cute thoug!

Turtle said...

yikes on the black widow!!! in hawaii we had a smiley face almost ended up in my hair when i was in the garden...luckily i noticed it before i stuck my head onto it!

Silke said...

Oh, how fun! I love all the pictures. When we lived in New Mexico, we regularly saw Black Widow spiders. Luckily none of us were ever bit. They are beautiful though, aren't they? :) Silke

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

We have black widows in our garage The pictures are amazing and I love the butterfly.Hugs Darcy

jomamma said...

The groundhog was huge!, the black widow would only be about an inch long. Did your neighbor look for an egg sack? Remember Charlotte's Web? Remember the babies? She may have more. I always look for messy webs, when you see a messy web you usually have poisonous spiders. Great pictures and the butterfly was beautiful.