Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Specials!!!

As you all know, we'll be going on vacation this month (woo hoo!!). Unfortunately for you all that means some delays in shipping since obviously we can't ship while we aren't here! BUT, because there will be some inconvenience associated with that we have decided to offer FREE SHIPPING on all yarn for the month of September!!!

Now, you all know the drill, right? We use Paypal for our shopping cart buttons so I can't do a "coupon code" or anything fancy like that unfortunately. So, if Paypal does not calculate your shipping charges (or lack there of) appropriately I will refund any shipping charges for you.

We'll have our laptop with us so we'll be checking in daily or so to refund shipping and deal with any problems that might arise. You might think "Knit Witch - it's your vacation - don't do that stuff then!" but really, it is easier to spend 10-15 minutes on it everyday rather than deal with 4 hours of it when I get home. Therefore, we'll be checking in rather frequently.

Now for the legal speak:
- This offer is available for those that reside in the US only
- This offer DOES apply to any yarns on the discount page
- This offer ends September 30, 2009
- This offer applies to yarn only - not pottery or other items

We just wanted to offer this as a thank you for waiting for your products if you order while we are gone. Anything that is ordered BEFORE September 8th will ship out before we leave and anything ordered after that will go out the week of September 21st.

Also, we are going to run a contest this month in our Ravelry Group! Tune in tomorrow for more details.

We'll do the Charity: Water donation giveaway in October so don't think we have forgotten about that either! Have you looked at the total lately? We have already raised $582!!! We are also working on another fun project for October where you will get a super-duper-fabulous prize for donating. We'll announce that when we have all the details together. We have lots of fun stuff coming up over the next few months!

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