Sunday, August 30, 2009

More New Yarn!

Many of you may already be familiar with one of our new yarns - Celestial Twist. We did the Dye for Glory colors Portland Rain and Waters of the Wilamette with this yarn. This yarn is the same make up as our Celestial Cloud (100% merino) but 2-ply instead of 3 and with a nice, tight twist. This yarn is perfect for socks as the added twist gives them a little more strength. But, you still have the softness factor because of the 100% merino. This yarn has been very popular thus far and I really like it as well. It gives GREAT stitch definition!!

Here are a few of the colors we have already put up on the site. I'll be doing a few solids as well.



Black Hole

Pandora (formerly Portland Rain - this color was so popular we have decided to incorporate it)

Neptune (formerly Waters of the Wilamette - this was also a very popular color)

Calamity 3 - going on the discount page (I LOVE this yarn!)

You can find all of these yarns HERE. Be sure to check in tomorrow and the rest of the week for announcements about sales, specials and contests for September!!!


Diane Bogino said...

You're so good. I miss you!!!

Hey whatever happened with the contest?

Your Mom

Jane said...

They are all great, but I do love the Pandora.



Farmer Jen said...

Wonderful colors and textures.