Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not what we were expecting

Remember the picture that I showed you of how our driveway looked before the new shed?


Well, this is what it looks like today:

Yeah. Ummmm - WHERE IS THE SHED?!?!?! Here's what happened. They called us 2 weeks ago and said they had us on the schedule for the following Monday (which would have been Monday of last week). We were like "WHOA! We aren't going to be ready by then!" because we had just bought the darn thing and Wayne had not even started taking the old shed down. So, we asked if we could postpone it a week (that would be this past Monday - August 3). Sure! No problem. Then they asked us another bajilionity questions about this that and the other and we got it all set up.

Enter Monday August 3rd. We were debating as to whether we should go on our usual morning walk because we figured they would be here early. I really wanted to go (our walk usually takes about an hour) so I forwarded the home phone to my cell and off we went. We were back at about 9 and nothing. No activity, no phone call, nada. So Wayne called and was on hold for about 20 minutes. They finally came back and said that they had us scheduled for NEXT Monday - the 10th. WHAT?!?! Ah jeeez. So, Wayne wasn't too happy about that.

He is supposed to be building some cage stands for the Humane Society for their cat cages and all his stuff is next door and he has no where to work or keep anything right now. So.......all that anticipation for - more anticipation. I guess we won't be seeing the shed for a while.

On a brighter note - Ms. turtle was full of pep and vigor yesterday morning after her mild salt water bath and evening in the worm box. That box is FULL of worms so hopefully she got a descent meal or two. She was very happily released back out into the wild yesterday. But guess what? When I put her down I noticed something kind of odd - she was missing a back foot!!! Obviously, it has been missing for a long time (maybe forever). So she shall easily be picked out in the future and is henceforth named "Stubby". No wonder she was trying to dig the hole for her eggs with her front feet! I had commented to Wayne that I thought it was odd that she was doing that because anytime I had seen a turtle digging a hole for eggs it was always with their back feet. Well, mystery solved. She seems to be doing just fine without it though.

But yes, we did release her in the same area in which we found her, we checked to be sure the local vet has experience with reptiles, our neighbor is a wildlife rehabber associated with a local rehab organization and I was a vet tech for 10 years before going to nursing school. I don't know that we always get everything right but we certainly understand the importance of getting wildlife the care they need to have. Thanks for all the suggestions and spaces for further reading - we are always anxious to learn more.

In lieu of no shed pictures I shall share some pictures of Petey playing in our creek:

And a sunflower in our garden:


Mark said...

Glad to be of help and that you got good guidance about the release. It's not all that uncommon for turtles to lose a leg or a foot in the wild, and they generally manage fine with one missing. It may be that the loss of the leg has impaired her ability to excavate a nest hole, although it's also possible that she's just young; clutch size tends to increase with age. Anyway, I hope she does well.

Diane Bogino said...

So will that make the new turtle a great grand turtle to me? Just what I need.

Next you'll be growing turtle yarn and making shell knitting needles!

Angel Mom

mel said...

I told Tad your about your turtle :) We have a soft spot for the turtles and this totally warmed our hearts. You guys are pretty darn awesome!