Monday, August 10, 2009

I know, I know

Where are the Knit Witch's blogs???? We have had a pretty crazy weekend around here. We had friends in from Florida and did a bunch of (REALLY FUN) driving around and entertaining. We are going down to Clearwater, FL next month to visit them so there will be more fun soon!

We took a bunch of pictures and I even have some knitting to show you but I still need to download and organize all the pictures. Right now though, I need to catch up with some (LOTS) emails and get some orders out. Expect to be back to your regularly scheduled Knit Witch blog tomorrow!! :)


Diane Bogino said...

Out to dinner with your family, out walking during an earthquake, entertaining friends! Is this anyway to run a business!?!

Your bottom minded mother....No comment about THAT please.

Diane Bogino said...

You'll LOVE Key might not come back. But you know, there's a V E R Y L O N G bridge to cross to get there.