Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to blogging

Wow - what a busy weekend! We had some of our great friends, Burt and Tammy, stay with us from Florida and it was so great to be able to see them and spend some time with them. Wayne was in the Air Force with Burt so they have known each other for about 35 years - almost longer than I have even been alive!! They had spent a lot of time on the road so we decided to take them on the relaxing local train ride. If you are ever in Blue Ridge the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway is a really great thing to do.

The train goes along the Toccoa River (which is the Ocoee River once it hits the Tennessee state line.

This is believed to be a fishing trap built by Native Americans. They would run the fish into the "V" that they built with rocks and then scoop up the fish with nets for dinner.

The train takes you to McCayesville, GA which borders Copperhill, TN. There is a blue line running through town delineating GA from TN. I think we all got one of these pictures but Burt and Tammy have the pictures of Wayne and I so I haven't seen them yet.

On the way to the train we stopped in downtown to have a look at the carving someone is doing out of an old, dead tree. They are doing this carving with chainsaws!!! It isn't finished yet but you can see what they are doing with the design.

Then we had dinner with some other friends in Blairsville - here's the whole lot of us. We had a really fun time with everyone.

That is their dog, Jake. Wow - what a GREAT dog he is! He is a rescue and they have only had him for a week - what a sweetheart!

We are SOOOOOOO looking forward to getting down to Clearwater, FL next month to go visit them. I think we are also going to spend a couple of days in Key West so I am really excited about our trip!! My husband is getting really tired of me telling him how excited I am about it several times a day. Anyone ever been on the Key West Express? This looks like a really fun way to get from Ft. Myers to Key West so I think we will book a trip on this during our vacation. Tammy told us about this and it looks like so much fun!


Grace said...

so happy for you that you had a marvelous weekend and the dog is fantastic

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Lovely pictures looks like you all had fun:) My hubby has been in the military 14 years and I have been his Airforce wife for 5.5 years we are stationed at Edwards AFB in Southern California Mojave Desert.Hugs Darcy

Turtle said...

what a nice trip, always good to reconnect with friends. Been chatting with friends back in the islands with the storm supposed to hit them today. We did have hubbys uncle and aunt show up friday for the night on their way back down to cali. They had gone to idaho to pick up their new golden retriever puppy. She was adorable, but it was a little bittersweet having her here. I love the size of their new adoptee!

Jane said...

You guys have the most fun! I've never been on that train, but one of these days we'll get up there and do it.