Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It has been decided.......

Happy July!!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your help in determining the entries for the Sock Summit contest! Here are the lucky entries. I'll let you know when voting opens.

Portland Rain - Name submitted by Beverly

Brewtopia - Name submitted by Bronwyn

Waters of the Willamette - Name submitted by Sarah

Illumination - Name submitted by Knit Witch!

There is also another one coming. I decided to ditch both of the solids that I had and go with Theresa's suggestion of creating a red. So, that one is drying and I should have a picture for you tomorrow. I must say - thanks so much for that suggestion! I always forget about how much I love red. Mr. Man helped me with the color combination and I dyed it on a 50/50 Suri Alpaca/Merino blend. I love it!

The yarns have been entered into the contest and are for sale HERE on the website. I need to order more stock because I am dyeing everything that I have to send to the Summit so please know that when you order it will be a few weeks for you to get your commemerative Sock Summit Yarn. If you would like some though please do go ahead and order it so that I will know how much yarn to buy and dye for these colors.

I am actually sending a lot more yarn than I thought I would be to the Sock Summit so we are pretty darn excited about that! Speaking of which, I better go get busy getting things inventoried and packed to ship off.


Grace said...

what happens to the yarns that didn't win? Will they eventually be for sale too just not in the Sock Summit Dyers Contest. I am jonesing for some #6, I love that colorway, so I am curious.

I love the names of the colors that were chosen, everyone is so creative. I would name #6 Oregon Merlot

Bubblesknits said...

Can't wait to get my hands on some Portland Rain! Beautiful colors!

Turtle said...

love the name suggestions so far. A red one? nice! Would it be a cliche to name the red one "i left my heart in Portland (or at sock summit)? have fun!

Sarah B. said...

Eee! So excited! Course, I think I may be "un-grounding" myself and ordering some of the other outstanding colorways as well. I can't wait to see the red!