Thursday, July 2, 2009

City of Roses

Here is the latest (and last) entry for the Dye for Glory contest - City of Roses.

I must say - I am in love with this color. I think it will be a good choice for an entry into the solids category.

I decided to also add this color in the "out of the box" category. So that makes 6 total entries for Knit Witch.

The dye technique here is a bit unconventional however that song "It's all Been Done" by the Barenaked Ladies keeps running through my head! I'm sure it's nothing new but the technique didn't fit into any of the other categories. I went with Grace's suggestion of Oregon Merlot for this one in honor of the Oregon Wine Country. So, Grace, email me at with your address so I can send out your prize yarn when it is ready. Thanks!! This color is also now for sale on the website HERE.

Many people who have entered have "tagged" their yarn as socksummit so you can go to the yarn page on Rav, type socksummit into the search field and then click on search by tags to see them. Some of the entries are beautiful! I love seeing everyone's interpretation of what they saw fit to send in.

Speaking of flowers, check out some of the flowers that are currently blooming around our pond.

Aren't these pretty?? I'll show you a few more pictures tomorrow.


Grace said...

I am so very honored that you chose my name for the yarn, it just came to me the minute I saw it. I am so excited, I will email you shortly!!!

Love the new City of Roses too----it is smashing!!

RobbinMT said...

oh, both of these are beautiful... but i have to say i'm a bit weak over the City of Roses variation!

theyarnwhisperer said...

The City of Roses yarn is very very pretty!