Monday, May 11, 2009

A trip to Atlanta

We had to spend last Wednesday in downtown Atlanta. Now, when you live there you avoid downtown Atlanta like the plague, right? No one wants to voluntarily drive down there, pay to park and deal with all the Atlantan inconveniences down there. Needless to say even though I have lived my entire life in Atlanta (with the exception of the last year) I have actually spent very little time in downtown.

While we were there on Wednesday we just made a fun day of it. We took the camera and walked around and saw all kinds of cool stuff. It was sort of fun to act like a tourist in my own hometown! Here are some pictures we took:

This is the building we had to go to. This is tower one of the Marquis buildings.

Here is a picture of the Westin Hotel. All those damaged windows are from that tornado that came through Atlanta last year.

I took this picture because I thought it was funny. See that round building with the blue dome on the top (well, you can't see the blue dome very well - nevermind)? That's the Hyatt Regency Hotel. I actually remember when that was the tallest building in downtown Atlanta. These days it is seriously dwarfed.

Here's the Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta!

Just looking at this picture makes me nauseous.

I'll post a few more pictures for you tomorrow.


Diane Bogino said...

Now come on...Atlanta is a great place! So we have a little traffic. If you know how to get around and WHEN to travel WHERE, it's not that bad.

We also have great places to visit like the Aquarium, the Atlanta Historical Society, the Swan House, historical tours to take, the High Museum of Art, Stone Mountain, Lake Lanier, the Mart, Underground, author of Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell's house, great shopping, Virginia Highland, Little 5 Points, etc., etc., etc.

Ya'll come now!

Your Mom

Grace said...

I forgot to tell you my package arrived with my bowl and the Veil of Isis yarn, I LOVE them both very much, thank you so much for a pleasant shopping experience!!

Jane said...

You know, when you are downtown, you aren't too very far from my house. Next time, give me a call, and we'll have lunch at Brickstore. Nice shots. I hear they are replacing ALL the windows in that building, which is why it's been taking so long.

Sara said...

Oh, Atlanta - boy do I have memories of going there several times on vacations...

I love Atlanta - but, I sure hate to drive there...


hmmm, looks like mom feels you didn't et enough pictures of the right things. what sites would i show you of coppell (15 square miles of it) or of dallas? i need to think on that.