Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stitches South Report #2

First of all - thank you all so much for the anniversary wishes yesterday!!!! We had a very low-key day so it was nice. We did go out for a yummy sushi dinner last night!!! I gotta tell you though - I don't know if I can ever get used to the Japanese restaurants up here in the hills. There is just something funny about the sushi waitress walking up to you and saying "HEYYYYYYY ya'll! Do ya'll know what ya wawnt to drank?" Too funny.

OK - on to more Stitches fun!!!

There was a motley crew that stopped by our booth to pillage. We welcome that pillaging too!

Then there was a nice dinner on Saturday night with a few of our closest friends (that's my dad standing up back there just having himself a grand 'ol time!):

There were a few famous rubberneckers in attendance:

Then there were a few glasses of wine consumed (dang Katey!)

And some artistic displays:

Someone needs to send me the picture of the Sanguine Gryphon dancing on the table too!!!

All in all we had a GREAT weekend and really enjoyed time with both old and new friends. The Stitches event went VERY well I think and they will definitely be back next year. We'll see you there!!!!


Jane Prater said...

Dang! I was at the Student Banquet. You guys had a lot more fun.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Looks like a great time was had by all.Hugs Darcy

LittleWit said...

Looks like a fantasmic time! :D

Kate said...

It WAS a good time! I believe Priscilla may have a few pics of Gryphon op there on the table:)