Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Opossum Pouches!

Look how cute these little project bags are!

Our neighbor made these for us to take to Stitches South to sell. These can be used for whatever you like. They are perfect for a ball of yarn, a few notions and some needles. These are all made from fabric remnants and are all unique. These are made to support our neighbors 'habit'. She is a licensed wildlife rehabber and rehabs all kinds of animals from squirrels to raptors to bobcats. Each pouch has a little story on it about her wildlife rehab efforts.

We will be selling these for $25 at the show and all profits will go towards improving the life of some little needy creature. This time of year she stays busy since it is "baby season". We are really excited to be able to sell a product that will help with her selfless efforts in making a better world for wildlife in need.

Here's her latest projects - aren't they cute??


turtlegirl76 said...

They're cute when they're babies but they get creepy really quick!

Those bags are cute! They should sell well!

Jane said...

Ooh, save one for me!

Turtle said...

so cute critters! I think the bags will sell very well.

Lista said...

Oh, wow, those little guys are...dare I say it...kind of cute! It almost makes me rethink my pathological fear of them. Almost.

knitty_kat said...

ssooooo behind!! Seriously cute - bet they don't look like that anymore!