Friday, April 17, 2009

And now for some knitting

This isn't actually my knitting (silly bloggers) but this is yarnintercepts sock (original design too!). This is made with Knit Witch Yarn in colorway Sagittarius. Once she works out all of the kinks for the pattern it will be on the website for sale! I just thought it looked pretty darn good so I wanted to share.

We pulled up to our house yesterday and I thought "OMG - did I really pick a color that is THAT YELLOW for the trim on our house???" Holy cow - our trim is YELLOW. I'm not talking yellow - I mean like really YELLOW. I was a little shocked at first but it has grown on me so I think it is going to look great with the green. It is definitely happier and brighter! Seriously though, this picture does not show the depth of the yellow. See the lighter strip against the house that hasn't been painted yet? That is the old color of the trim. Big difference.

Have a great weekend everyone! We have started getting our trailer packed up for Stitches. We are so excited about the trip!!

**Don't forget!!** You still have two more days to enter the contest in the Knit Witch Ravelry group!!


Diane Bogino said...

But I know you COULD do it...'cause you can do anything!

No, I'm not saying that just 'cause I'm your Mom. : )

Let me know about the signs - they are ready.

LittleWit said...

Maybe the green will tone down the yellow. :)

Beverly said...

I'm sure the cheery yellow will look great!

The sock in the pic is no more! Instead, I've cleaned up the cables some and have a more simplified chart. I think you will see nice big and little diamonds! Coming soon...(hopefully!)

Turtle said...

nice knitting, i like the yellow!