Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Other things to do on a rainy day

BUY TREES! We have a "bare patch" along the road in front of our house so we have decided to add a nice row of trees for a little bit of added privacy and asthetic appeal. Here is how it looks now:

We went to Tree City (seriously that is the name) down the street and bought 8 Leland Cypress trees. These are evergreen and fast growers. They aren't very expensive either so all of that makes them a perfect choice for us! We purchased two varieties. One stayes green all year and the other turns a goldish/redish in the autumn and winter. Mr. Man has his work cut out for him digging a few holes! That guy stays so darn busy around here!

It always feels good to add more natural areas for wildlife around our home. I'm sure the birds will be enjoying these in no time.


barrel_racer_82 said...

That's a regular good ole Georgia pine that's already growing there right?
Are you going to alternate the evergreen ones with the ones that change color?
I know you're just doing the one row, but don't carefully planted rows of trees lining a drive make you think of the South? Like Twelve Oaks in Gone With the Wind. I am so homesick.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love trees!!!

ab said...

Oooh, we're big fans of trees here too. In fact, DH's gift to me on our wedding day was olive trees! Olive trees, Pomegranates, Lemon, Plumerias, Maples ... definitely have more trees than anything else.