Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A picture of brave

Here is little Mr. Goose trying to sneak up on the geese! You can see how incredibly worried they are, right? As soon as he got close enough to see how really big they are, and how they have no plans of leaving just because of him, he turned around and hightailed it back to the house. There were like 10 of them and one of him. It would have been a short fight. All one had to do was turn around, open up it's wings and honk and he would have been FLYING out of there!

He is kind of hard to see because he is the same color as the straw!

We are off on a super secret squirrel mission today!!! I can't wait to show you the pictures and post our announcement tomorrow about it. For those of you in the Atlanta area - stay tuned!! :)


grace said...

Cats don't know it, but they really are here for our amusement.

LittleWit said...

Have fun on your super secret mission!


We don't know it, but we are here to amuse our cats.

Riohnna said...

Oh, how cool!!!!