Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kinda windy

Wow. Did many of you have CRAZY winds yesterday?? Holy cow - the wind here was pretty scary for a while. We had this huge mirror sitting outside waiting for someone to pick it up. It was leaning against the house. Well, not for long. The wind got behind it and knocked it over - that was the end of that mirror. It was blowing big pieces of wood around and I'm sure there are things we need to go fish out of the pond this morning. I'm glad that's over!

We had covered our garden beds with garden fabric and put rocks all over it to keep it warm until we are ready to use them and discourage weeds and encourage worms. That stuff didn't last long. So today we will be going out there and spreading our compost pile over them and covering them again. I can't wait to see how many happy, juicy worms we have by the time we are ready to plant - YAY!!

This morning we are off to Home Depot because of this:

I swear this is going to look like a shower at some point in the near future. Now, this is the upstairs bathroom (3rd floor) and the guy that lived here before us TOOK THE BATHTUB WITH HIM??? Who does that??? Well, in the process of him "taking it with him" he broke the pipe that drains the water from the shower located under the floor and then just stuck the pipe back down there in the floor. Of course, he didn't tell us that. Mr. Man was NOT at all happy about that especially since he couldn't get to the darn thing to fix it! So, he had to use a little creative engineering to get it fixed. Have I mentioned before how much I love this man?!?! :)

Hopefully next week we will have some progress pictures to show!!



He took the tub from the third floor???

Mouse lives in Lawrenceville, and found that her rented house had no furnace or ductwork under the house.


LittleWit said...

Seriously he took the tub? I thought all "fixtures" had to stay? Can't wait to see the bathroom done!

Riohnna said...

Holy Cow! Now, here in Italy, it is quite common to take the tub, sinks, stoves, cabinets, counters, everything. I just learned this when we bought the house, I was a bit shocked. When we bought this house, we were given an option to buy the kitchen and bathroom. LOL! of course, we bought them.