Monday, January 5, 2009

A compound what?

Actual conversation in our car:

Man: Wow, I am SO EXCITED about this 12" compound sliding miter saw with dual beveling action and work lights that I got on sale for $499!!!!

Me: Ummm - yeah.....great honey! What does "bevel action" even mean?

It seemed exciting and important (to someone anyway) so I got a few pictures. Now, mind you, this is a man that has a tool for everything. Everything! He already has several power/table/you name it saws. But apparently this one does fancier stuff or something. The good news is - he will want to build even more stuff now!

Here are the lights in action.

And I guess this angle reading display thingy is supposedly pretty neat too.

This saw is so important that it even gets COVERED when not in use!

And the best part? Oh yeah..........a temporary cat castle!

You guys can totally leave me comments letting me know how boring that post was. It's ok....I understand.

Actually, I can't complain because he has already built this with the new saw.

We are redoing a room downstairs to actually make it functional. We were going to buy cabiets to put all around the room to have storage and workspace but then Wayne decided he could just build them. This one just needs doors and it will be ready! Two more to go after this one. Shouldn't take too long though - this one only took him one day to build.


LittleWit said...

That's an awesome saw! I heart miter saws because you can use them to cut so many fancy angles. The boy got a circular saw for Christmas and has so far used it to build a support for my ledge on my desk. Not quite as fancy as your shelves but it allowed me to toss a large box. :)

grace said...

Nice! When he's done there, I've got some stuff he can do around here.

Farmer Jen said...

Wow! He's good, and fast too! I have several shelves and cabinets that need to be built around here. Nice saw!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can y'all come to Italy, and bring the saw????

Turtle said...

lol, i only laugh cause all the power tools in our house belong to me! (which sadly most need to be replaced after the big move) i love that it's covered! (maybe you could knit him a cover for fathers day!

knitter1958 said...

I'd be glad to get the saw if I could get the cabinets built! Not boring at all, rather fits into my life! Oooo, does that say something about my life? And after all, anything that comes with a cat castle can't be bad!

theyarnwhisperer said...

boys and they're toys. Sometimes its just best to go along with it all. And speaking of cat castles.... ok, what is with cats anyway? My cats will occupy empty boxes, lay on stuff I don't want them to so I go out and get this nice soft fluffy cat bed. They won't even walk on it let alone lay in it. Geez.

Stitch Markers 4 U said...

I wish I could have that stuff!!! I would so make me some cabinets and shelf's! I need them like BAD!

If he ever wants to build something but you don't need it just let me know and I will make the drive to you to get it! *winkwink*