Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Are you there Spring? It's me, Knit Witch.

Yes, it's cold here. I am ready for Spring. We love being outside and doing things outside - when it's warm. When it is cold we kind of turn into hermits. Which is ok though because it gives us a chance to work on inside work on our house that we don't want to do when it is nice outside. Nature's way of giving us balance I suppose.

Our pond has been frozen for like a week.

So has our neighbor's pond.

And we had some snow.

WHOA look at ALL THAT SNOW! Look - it's the South's definition of snow, ok? People up North need not make snarky comments.......haha!


Riohnna said...

LOLOLOL!!!! The ponds are gorgeous! Is yours thick enough to ice skate on?

LittleWit said...

Are all your inside chores complete? Perhaps nature is watching and won't stop until you get your chores done. Best to get a move on. ;)

Lizardo neighbor said...

I wish I was there...has petey put on his ice skates yet? I am coming around the mountain when she comes....drive one while forester when I come...I'll be towing a honkin trailer, and bring an injured possum when I'm coming around the mountain when I come.....sing along!

It's just colder than a witches tit here! Ops...sorry no pun intended!

Hockey Mom said...

I wanna come live in your neck of the woods!!! Wahhhh!

colleen said...

I live in Western NC, not too far from you and I too am over the cold weather...If it's got to snow at least give us something we can play in!

Heather said...

It may be cold, but it is absolutely gorgeous.

Nacole said...

Yes that is the south's snow!
I know where you are coming from. For us in GA 1" is a lot of snow because we never get snow. :(
But its nice when we do!