Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tie Dye!

Over the weekend we also visited the weekly farmer's market at their new location - RIGHT BEHIND OUR HOUSE! It's great! We just walk down the road a bit and then up a hill and we're there! This is Tina and I. Tina does some cool tie-dye stuff and she is making us some "Knit Witch" aprons for SAFF so we have some pockets to carry all our stuff around in.

We bought some plants for our pond but I have been having to keep them in the little pond because the geese love to eat them in the big pond! Plus, with all the work we are getting ready to have done on the pond, they are probably safer in the small pond for now.

One of our big upcoming projects is to take out all of the pea gravel and mulch around this pond and make a flagstone patio for around the pond and our downstairs entrance into the house. That pea gravel drives me nuts!

Here's a Kingfisher hanging out at our pond. Now that the pond is getting really low I'm sure all these birds and finding really easy fishing!!


LittleWit said...

I would really like to find a farmer's market around here. I think there is one up the street from us but I never seem to be able to remember when it is. :) I'd say you have lucked out with quite the prime location.

Turtle said...

our famers market sadly closes the end of this month and rain has kept it small the past few weekends. lol at the tye dye! i seriously paid the rent through college with tye dyes. My room mates and i shipped dozens of specialty designs each week to companies that had kiosk carts in malls across the u.s. was a blast!

Anonymous said...

We have numerous markets here, daily. I once compared them to farmer's markets, but they are more like flea markets, since they have more than just foods. During the week, they all close at 1 in the afternoon, but on Saturday's, they are open until 7 P.M.

Amanda in GA said...

The aprons are going to be lots of fun! We do a tye dye project every year at the beach thinking aprons might be what we do this year.

How nice that the farmer market is so close to you.