Friday, October 3, 2008

My Corner of the World

I promised you some pictures of the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. We snapped these pictures of the train coming in while we were at the wildlife festival last week.

And, we got a few more orb pictures.

And to help you through your Friday onto the weekend, some kitty cuteness pictures!

Have a GREAT weekend everybody!


LittleWit said...

Your corner of the world looks very cozy! :) Have a great weekend!

grace said...

Love the train tracks. The cats are just too cute!

Anonymous said...

OOHHH!! OOOHHH!!! I lIKE that rug the kitties are on!!!!

Dina said...

very nice, love your bowls and I just subscribed to your feed. Please come check me out as well.

Farmer Jen said...

Great photos! Very cute kitties.