Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You guys are amazing!

We haven't even announced that the yarn is up on the site and you guys are already buying it! Amazing!! Thanks to everyone who has already purchased Knit Witch Hand Dyed Yarn! We really appreciate your support! We also have Elliebelly sock yarn up on the site as well in some beautiful colors.

We have some lace weights up on the site and a couple of fingering weights. The alpaca/cashmere blend lace weight will go up today and the 100% alpaca lace weight should go up tomorrow (very reasonably priced I might add). I just need to let it dry and finish skeining it. We should also have new yarn bowls and spindle bowls up on the site today too. Can you tell we have been busy around here lately?!?!

Here's a sneak peak of a couple of the alpaca/cashmere lace weight yarns that will be up later today.

In other news, I recently had a friend contact me out of the blue a couple of days ago. I haven't talked to her in several years. I was so glad that she contacted me! It has been so great catching up with her and "discussing" all the things we have been through lately. All the people that have touched our lives and all of the crazy, irrational people we have encountered along the way. I'm so glad that she and I have been able to see past all the junk we have been through and understand that life is just life. It takes you where you need to go.

Sometimes you have to go through some stuff that's not so good to get to the stuff that IS really good. You gotta roll with it and communicate with people to the best of your ability. Some people just never "get it". Life isn't all about work or YOUR ideals or YOUR expectations. You have to give a little breathing room to allow people to be who they are, walk their own path and contribute in their own way. You might even learn something if you just relax a little, communicate and take it all in. I have learned something from every single person I have entered into a friendship with no matter how long or short. Sometimes I have learned how I aspire to be and sometimes I have learned about how I never want to be.

I feel so fortunate to have all I have in this life. We live a very simple life in the way of material things and are so rich in our marriage, our family and our friendships. We enjoy the heck out of life and each other so much and we love sharing all that goodness with other people, whether it is through our work or through our relationships. It's so true that time heals all wounds - don't let those really "good friends" ever go by the wayside. They are truly few and far between it seems.

How's THAT for a countrified picture??


Hockey Mom said...

Awww! Where's the pitchfork and shotgun? Come one!

The yarns are beautiful! Keep it up!

Farmer Jen said...

I love that tractor photo! I want a green John Deere someday. Your yarns are beautiful. You are very talented.

Jet LeBlanc said...

This post rang very true for me too. I'm old enough now that I truly value the folks that have been there since forever, but every new friend (like you!) is a treasure as well. And, girl, you have a very enviable lifestyle!! I'm so happy for you that you are living how you want, where you want, and with the love of your life!!

LittleWit said...

You do an awesome job dyeing.

Lista said...

Your yarn is GORGEOUS! And I love the tractor picture! And I tagged you on my blog! That is all!


what the heck is jumping on or off the tractor?

turtlegirl76 said...

ooooh that top one is insanely gorgeous!