Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Actual Knitting

Can you believe it? I had LOTS of time to work on this over the weekend while we sat around and waited for bands to play and such. I'm sure I completely embarrassed my son, but he'll get over it, right??? I'm actually doing some "knitting for hire" which always scares me a little because you know the speed I knit. Actually, I don't really knit slow but I just seem to have trouble finding time to actually knit!

I'm knitting this for someone who had her own alpacas. She wanted something made from the yarn she had spun. She wanted a simple, light, airy scarf so I figured that my version of a dropped stitch scarf would be perfect! This is such an easy pattern and it knits up really fast. Here's my progress so far.

It should be done in the next couple of days.

Here's a picture of the Red Tail Hawk from the show over the weekend.

And, as requested, here are some pictures of the band. Hockeymom, I'm sure that the music of Blood Oaks would be right up your kids alley! They should check them out on myspace!


LittleWit said...

I would wear that scarf. Consider that the LittleWit stamp of approval.

Turtle said...

nice scarf, listening to the music now, liking it!

Hockey Mom said...

Beautiful scarf, awesome bird, great music!

Beauty is a good thing on a sucky Tuesday!

theyarnwhisperer said...

yep, Nathan looks like Rick Ocasek all right. You didn't tell me your baby daddy was a rocker dude!
I like the scarf! We had a local craft fair thing here in PTC and I bought a couple of skeins of yarn from a local spinner and am doing a drop stitch shawl out of it. Great minds think alike!