Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Fun

This week we picked these

and these

and made these

Blackberry and Plum jam! The first batch turned out great but I have to redo the second batch today and add a little more pectin to make it gel better. I cut the sugar on the second batch so I am assuming that is what caused it from gelling quite so well the second time. That first batch was SWEET. Way too sweet for me though not so for Mr. Man who loves the sweet stuff.

Speaking of Mr. Man he made these YUMMY oatmeal cookies the other day.

Ever seen anyone stay out late for a long night of drinking and then pass out by the trashcan in the bathroom? Well, it may kind of look like this:

Here's Leo taking it easy on the weekend.

Oh, and the Small Blue Heron that was "fishing" in our pond yesterday.

We have gotten a BUNCH of contest entries (thanks to everyone who has already entered!) but be sure to enter soon if you haven't done so already. There are some great prizes at stake this time!


Lista said...

Any chance of spooning some of the not-quite-gelled preserves onto those cookies and sending them my way? That looks yummy!!!

Jet LeBlanc said...

mmmmm, blackberry of my favorite things ever.


ok, i'm not going any further back! the food and mouth drooled all over the computer!


i would love a 30 min recording of the comforting!