Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of July Parade

I know, I'm late with this but here are some pics of the 4th of July parade here in Blue Ridge:

Here's what lead the parade - now I don't feel like I missed out on the Gay Pride Parade this year:

Here's me and Mr. Man waiting for the parade:

And what parade wouldn't be complete with one of THESE in it? Seriously, only in the South would you see this on a float in a parade:

I have a new toy of sorts. My neighbor gave me this to play with:

This in an ancient version - not electronic at all - but it does at least give me an idea about how a knitting machine works. Georgia Mountain Fiber wants to give me a fancy electronic one that is WAY more complicated than this one so I'm a little scared of it.

However, I made this in about 30 seconds:

I can definitely see how learning how to use the fancy thing would be beneficial!

Also - seriously - who wants to come to Blue Ridge, GA and go whitewater rafting on July 27th?? Anyone?? Let me know if you do as we are putting together a little knitting and rafting partay. We are planning to go whitewater rafting down the Ococee at the 1996 Olympic site. The scenery is gorgeous and the ride takes about 3 hours or so (actual rafting time about 2 hours). So, if interested email me at!!


katey said...

That guy? In the parade? He's the majorette for the Feed and Seed Marching Abominable.

He's FAB-U-LOUS too, isn't he.

You and Wayne should come to the Atlanta Groundhog Day Juggler's Festival in February. You can see that guy there too! (And the rest of the band too.)

Hockey Mom said...

I have two knitting machines, and they are not called "ancient," they are called "manual." ;-)

You're doing really well for a machine newbie! But an electronic one? That IS scary!

Emily said...

I am SO getting my cousin to drive the boobcat in next year's parade! I don't think anyone here has thought of it.

PS I found you by way of Irisheyes Kathy (in case that earns her secret, unmentioned, extra points in your contest).

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would love to join you guys in the whitewater rafting, but I fear that we won't be able to make it in time. Has anyone ever told you that you are a gorgeous woman?

Sue said...

I am afraid I'm too out of shape to go whitewater rafting but I hope you have a wonderful time.


i would love to come but ... do wheelchairs do well on rafts? electric one? no, probably would sink it! but you have a blast and take lots of pictures! o, i forgot my nice words...please and than you!


ps, i have a bond, it's cheaper than the passap and is eco friendly as it runs of people power!