Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why we love Blue Ridge


Is about an 8 minute drive from our house. This is Lake Blue Ridge and we went kayaking there this morning. It was beautiful!! There was almost no one else out on the water and it was nice and quiet. We don't like doing stuff like that on the weekends when there are tons of other folks around. AND we saw a bald eagle!!! I have never seen one in GA before so that was quite a treat. Unfortunatley, no picture of that though as there is no way I could have gotten my camera out of the ziploc baggie fast enough!

My son came this past weekend again so that was really fun! This is him and Tiana kayaking in our pond. We had a great time and they stayed until about 10:00 playing cards and Yahtzee - all of which I lost at.

I rescued the sock last night, got it all untangled and fixed the gosh darn mis-crossed cable. I also managed another repeat before the kittens started stalking it. It's in a yarn bowl this time though so that will help some.

Also, Amia Yarn Company is pretty much up and running! We have some alpaca yarn and roving on there now (great stuff) and I am expecting alpaca sock yarn and hand dyed yarn very soon. As soon as I get that I will be adding it to the site. I'm sure it will be evolving as we learn the site better and get suggestions from people (just like Knit Witch was). I shudder to think about what Knit Witch looked like when we first put it online - we've come a long way baby!

We have almost sold out of the first batch of Blue Ridge yarn bowls (that was FAST) and have two more batches in the works. We should have about 20-30 to put up by Monday or Tuesday.

BTW - the picture in the last post was of a very pudgy toad. I know, the picture kinda sucked but he wouldn't move out of the shadow!


knitting dragonfly said...

Beautiful! Just looking at the pictures makes me feel like I am relaxing on the lake.

Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful!!!!

Warlock said...

I think we need to have a Blue Ridge Knit-In! I am becoming quite fond of knitters....hahaha! I even love one or two!

theyarnwhisperer said...

I thought the pudgy toad was a pile of excrement left by a social creatur of nature. Must be tough going through life looking like a pile of excrement.
I didn't know you guys owned kayaks! What kind do you have?

Sue said...

Very nice pictures!