Friday, May 16, 2008

You won't believe it

I actually started a pair of socks!! I managed to find yarn, needles and scissors all in the same place and sat down for some knitting gratification - FINALLY! I knit about 1" of the cuff last night. I haven't knit socks in so long that I totally forgot that I like doing toe up socks better rather than cuff down. So anyway, these will be cuff down!

I would love to show you a picture, really I would, but per usual, I don't have all the necessary equipment. I really tried to remember to bring the camera cable with us to Blue Ridge this time but it is still sitting at the house in Atlanta. So, you will have to wait to see said progress on sock.

Our move will be completed May 29th and all of our stuff will finally be in one place..........well, that's not really true because we still have about another 2 trailers worth of stuff at my dad's - but - we are getting there.

I think I have almost finished cleaning the main floor and the basement (except for a good floor cleaning) and am about ready to start on the upstairs. The upstairs should be much less hassle to clean so - almost there! Woo hoo!!

Husband is working on setting up the pottery studio RIGHT NOW and he should be able to start thorowing some new yarn bowls later today. I have a hefty notification list going for people waiting on the next batch too so we are really making new bowls a priority right now.


knitting dragonfly said...

Yeah for the socks!!
Can't wait to see them.
Good luck getting your studio up.
Love your things

theyarnwhisperer said...

When you do your toe-up socks, do you do short row heels or do you do a flap like cuff-down socks?

Sunnyknitter said...

I'm impressed that you can find time to knit during a move. Sending hugs, because everybody needs hugs at some point during a move, even if it's an exciting move. Looking forward to seeing the new bowls, thinking of treating myself to one for my birthday in July.