Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Contest Button

Here is the contest button for anyone who would like to promote the contest on their blog:

We are trying to get more bowls up on the site - I have had A LOT of requests over the past few days so hopefully we will have some up by next weekend. Sometimes it's like moving mountains around here trying to keep up with all this stuff! The new bowls have been made though so they are well on their way through the process.
Thanks so much to everyone for their emails and Knit Witch purchases! We are stunned at how well these things have been selling and we are loving making them for everyone. We are having a great time. Thanks for buying handmade and for buying things that are Made in America!!
In other news, I have completed two more master's swatches so that brings me up to #8. I need to wash and block the last two I have made. I will take pictures of them soon, I just haven't gotten around to it as of yet. Luckily, no more of them have hit the frog pond!!
Keep your contest guesses coming folks - they are hilarious!!!


Carol said...

I love the button! One question, may we keep quessing? Or, is it one guess per person? You're driving me crazy you know. ;-)

Gotta Knit! said...

Hum . . .

Contest guessing. You are moving to the Mtns of GA and starting an Alpaca farm. On this farm you will create handspun alpaca yarns and yarn bowls to sell through an online yarn store. Maybe GA Mtn Yarn?

As for the newspaper clue, you must be having an interview or story about your yarn bowls coming out.