Saturday, December 22, 2007

Running out of yarn stinks......

Everyone knows that, right?? So, it appears that my dad's socks will NOT be complete in time for Christmas darnit! I could actually get them done but I don't have the extra yarn that I ordered yet! Darn Chrismas postal rush.

But, here is the one that is done - modeling courtesy of Mr. Man of course. I just have the leg and cuff to do on the second one.

I am LOVING the toe up version of socks! These are just plain janes since I figured I was probably going to be in a rush to get them done. I LOVE the yarn - artyarns color #119.

So, we now have an Etsy store! It only took a small amount of cursing to get it up and going but all the yarn bowls are on there now. We have actually sold several since we put them up so YAY US!!!!! I LOVE mine! Wayne is working on making some for fair isle knitting next. He is also seeing if he can make them so you can actually take your yarn out of the hole in case you want to take your project out of the bowl - still working on the engineering for those two things.

But, I guess I am as ready for Christmas as I'm going to be. We already did Christmas with my mom and we are going to dad's tomorrow for Christmas there. Wayne and I are actually staying home on Christmas Eve and Christmas and I am REALLY looking forward to that!!

Nathan LOVED his hat as you can see..............

And it was a big hit with others as well.

Here is Nathan and Tiana each in their respective hats I made. Tiana does not look happy but, trust me, she is!!!!

Here's some other random Christmas shots:

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Hockey Mom said...

Everything looks wonderful! I hope we can get together soon and do some spinning.

Happy Happy!