Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Bling

Well I WAS going to post this stuff yesterday but I figured this information needed a post all on it's own. Remember that little "package" I crocheted to put my mom's socks in for her birthday? Well, she has decided that the little crocheted bag works perfectly to hold her bracelets so they don't scratch up her dresser. So, great! Now she has a use for that too!

What I wanted to share with you is my mother's definition of jewlery. She has a ROOM in her house (that actually used to be my BEDROOM when I was a baby) that is now dedicated to her clothes and jewlery. Pretty much all the jewlery that I own fits on my wedding band finger and on my ear lobes. I am NOT a lover of jewlery. I have a couple of things here and there but I had to tell my mom to stop buying it for me for Christmas because I just don't like to wear it. I think she was crushed. So, I took some pics for you guys......check this out.
Here's the "bling holder"

Here's a few necklaces and random stuff

Here's a few earrings

Here's the back part of the closet (I really should have gotten pictures of the SHOES to make this a complete story)

And here is the girly vanity

Ummmm.........yeah, I think that is a TV on the counter there. Watching TV while putting on makeup?????????????????? Women.................

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Calicoknits said...

Good grief there are shoes too?!?!