Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Happy Hanukkah!

Drink your gin and tonikkah.................

Ever heard the Adam Sandler Hanukkah song??? It's pretty darn funny.

Well, I'm getting no Christmas knitting done and I have no FO's to show you. Isn't this blog exciting??? Actually, I'm down to the toe of a sock who isn't going to fit the person that it was intended for so I guess I will go ahead and make a "non-fitting" sibling for that sock and "re-gift" it in my mind to a different intended target.

Then, plans are for one more pair of socks - this time I would like to actually knit them to fit the intended target. Still need something reasonably quick for mom..........not sure what that is going to be yet but I guess I better figure it out.

Yarn bowls are going in the kiln for bisquing tonight, hopefully get glazed tomorrow or Friday and get fired over the weekend. So they will be available for everyone to buy on the website for their knitting friends! I'm telling you, everytime I sit down to knit I am wishing I had one of those things ready to use. I never realized how much I needed one until I discovered such a thing! Now, I'm looking forward to it. I was half tempted to go get an unbisqued one last night and use it but I am SURE I would have broken it had I done so. If I hadn't, the cat would have. Until they are bisqued and fired the clay is VERY fragile. Hubby would not have been pleased having his hard work go straight down the toilet so I refrained.

I ordered a couple of EZ books from Amazon. I have never read any of her books so I thought I had better read some writings of knitting masters past. I got Knitting Around and The Knitting Workshop. So far so good. I love her historical "digressions" that are mixed in with her knitting knowledge. I also bought "Weekend Knitting" for some ideas on quickies.

Well, I guess that's it! Looking forward to having yarn bowl pictures soon!

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