Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas FO

I finished Nathan's skull cap for Christmas. I think it went fairly well considering that this was my first fair isle-ish project. My floats were a LITTLE tight around the skulls but not too bad.

My only real issue was the jogs!! Dang it! Why didn't I think about that?!?! I guess if I had I would have cast on one extra stitch of black to slip at the seam over the join. Any other thoughts on that?? So, I wasn't too pleased with that but there isn't time to do it over so I will just do it over for him after Christmas.
Here's my usual suspect husband-model tryin' to look all gangsta in the hat.
He just looks tired to me but GOOD EFFORT SWEETIE!! :)
I got the pattern HERE on Ravelry and modified the ribbing and the decreases but kept the pattern the same.
Also, I totally suck at continental knitting. I did all of the white on the hat using continental though so I'm pretty proud of that! I'm really trying to get better at it but I just have a really hard time controlling my tension. I generally knit a little on the tight side and I CANNOT get continental knitting to be tight at all so all of my white stitches are bigger than my black stitches! I was trying to knit loose on the English side to even things out a bit but, you know how trying to change your tension goes. So, I guess I just need more practice and someone to show me how to hold the needles and yarn better so I don't have such a death grip on the needles when I knit continental! What's that all about anyway? It makes my hands hurt so then I get frustrated and I get tired of messing with it.

AND ............drumroll please............. I cast on my first pair of toe up socks yesterday! So, I'm excited about learning another method for socking. If any of you have any plain vanilla toe up patterns feel free to shoot them my way. The only one I could find is one that uses a short row heel. I'm fine with that but I was just wondering what some of the other methods out there are. I'm using artyarns supermarino color 119 and I LOVE this yarn! Knits up fast, wonderful to work with, nice stitch definition and I have a feeling it is going to be even softer and yummier once I wash it! I actually had to order more of it yesterday!! They will probably be pretty plain since I'm going to TRY and get them done by Christmas. No promises........we'll see.


Calicoknits said...

I'm addicted to toe-up socks - I work them on 2 circs with a short row heel or a gusset heel depending on the yarn weight. Go to - she has several free toe-up patterns and a cool blog besides.

Jane said...

The hat looks great! Good luck with the toe-up socks - I've yet to be brave enough for that.

theyarnwhisperer said...

I found a really cool toe-up sock pattern that I ordered yarn for and am itching to try. Perhaps I can get it started while Steven and I are on our little vacation. Its called Red Dwarf socks and it just looked so nifty I just couldn't help myself!
In one of the Interweave Knits magazines from ages past there was a whole article on the "jogless jog". It really works. I bet if you googled it you could find the information on it. Seems like I did that once when I could find that particular issue.
That hat looks great! You're right, Mr. Man looks tired. I think he should have done the gangsta folded arm thing or doing the "peace out" thing and he could have pulled it off better.
I'm a tight knitter too and I knit continental. It can be done. Really.
Went to knitch yesterday and broke down and bought a couple skeins of manos in autumn. Have barely a clue what I'm going to do with it but it was just calling to me.