Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Woo hooo!!!!! Knit Picks delivery day!! Our mail lady stopped us while we were out walking the pooches and told us she put a package on our doorstep. I of course knew what that meant and could hardly wait to get back to open the goodies!!! Here's how it looks..........

Here's a closer-up of the yarn. Can you tell I like earth tones????

I got the sock yarn needles that I am so excited about, some pockets and such for my Knit Picks carrier thingy and a variety of yippeeee skippeeee wool (obviously, I'm giving it my very own brand name). Monkey socks are in my near future - I know, shut up, I'm behind.

Thanks for all the spinning book advice! We are going to try to clean up the alpaca that we have today and see how that goes. We have one bag of "the good stuff" and one bag of "leg and various asundry stuff". Can you use both to create roving with??? There are still 2 bags of good stuff each for the grey, white and silverish alpaca and 1 bag of good stuff for the black alpaca. They each also have a equal amount of bags of "leg and other stuff". So, we have plenty for a while. I guess the alpacas get sheared again in April?????

I have one FO (or 1/2 of an FO however you see it) to report. It isn't blocked yet but still, you can clearly see that it is a finished sock. I changed my piss poor attitude about the sock and cast on the mate. I'm about halfway through the ribbing. Hopefully I can cuss considerably less on this one.

Know what my favorite part about knitting socks is?? Kitchener! I know, I'm a weirdo but I just love it and I love how perfectly it finishes the sock!

Here's Slim sleeping on top of my knitting stuff with said sock before it was finished. I know it looks like a DPN is poking him in the nose but really, he appears extreemly comfortable.


jenifleur said...

You can sometimes use the leg bits. I wouldn't blend it with the prime, though. If nothing else, you can use it for felting or to stuff something that you will felt.

theyarnwhisperer said...

you gotta love it when the Yarn Fairy comes.
I just placed an order from today on some discontinued Jaegar Roma (I love that stuff). I started knitting some lingerie for my friend's daughter when she got married earlier in the year, but the yarn I originally chose just wasn't doing it for me with this project. Then I had a yarn epiphany and decided to get the roma instead.
You and your alpaca yarn. I've got alapca envy.
Steven is currently in flight on the way to L.A. Maybe one of these days he'll be home long enough for us to hook up with you and Mr. Man to go play with your dad's alpacas.

theyarnwhisperer said...

The books I am looking to order from amazon are: Spin It, Making Yarn from Scratch and A Handpsindle Treasury.
Now, I am looking at learning to spin from a drop spindle and not a wheel so those might not be of any help to you whatsoever.

Claudia said...

AWWWW - the kittie likes the sock!!! Too cute!!! You sure bought some Knitpicks stock. YAY for their stuff - I like 'em.