Saturday, October 13, 2007

North Georgia Tour

We have literally spent the last two days in the car. Yesterday, we drove to Georgia Mountain Fiber ( since I can't seem to get the damn link to work) in Blue Ridge to drop off the alpaca fur. They were SUPER nice and showed us all around their operation and helped us figure out what the heck to do with 30# of alpaca fleece. Then we went and visited friends in Ellijay and then we went to buy some apples, apple cider and fried apple pies since it is that time of year - YUMMY!!!!! Then we went to my dad's farm for a while to wait out the nightmare Friday Atlanta traffic before we headed back to the city for home. Here's a couple pictures of the herd.

Today we drove to Chattanooga to meet Tiffany who graciously sold us THIS..........

Wayne can't wait to get started!! The 6# of alpaca/romney roving that we ordered from ebay was waiting for us when we got home yesterday so Wayne is all set!

On our drive home we took the long, scenic route (on purpose!). It took us about 1.5 hours to get to Chattanooga and about 5 hours to get home! We stopped at Sloppy Floyd park north of Rome and took these pics.

Then we stopped at Berry College in Rome and took these pics. If you have never been to Berry College and you live in GA or nearby you should go!! It is an absolutely AMAZING campus!!

Aren't the deer SO cute????? Now we are happy to be home with our pets who are feeling neglected from the past few days of parent traveling.


Hockey Mom said...

Oooh, fine stuff there! The wheel is gorgeous. Have to get the two of you over here soon, so that I can give Warlock that lesson.

Calicoknits said...

Great pictures. I'm impressed that Wayne supports your yarn habit. I'm currently on yarn restriction and if I slip up again my hubby is looking for a 12 step program for me.

fleegle said...

The next time you do that tour, please stop by and say hello. I live in Cleveland. Love to meet you!