Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tractor Trailor Incident in Atlanta

My neighbor just came by a little bit ago and was surprised I wasn't still on I-20. Why? I innocently asked. If you have ever been to Atlanta you know the traffic is horrible - HORRIBLE (Yarn Harlot be warned) so it never surprises me when anyone asks me if I was stuck on a highway. HOWEVER, Amy said that she was surprised that I wasn't there because a tractor trailer full of YARN turned over and there was yarn all over I-20!!! How could I have missed that?!?! I probably would have been mowed down by some rude-ass Atlanta driver as I rushed between the lanes to fill up my basket with yarn, then run back to my car to dump it, then run back out between the lanes to fill it again! I'm telling you gals, I would have been selling yarn cheap on for ya!!

But alas, I was not on I-20 today. I was on 285. Which, I must say was wonderful today for a change. I guess that's because everyone was over on I-20 gathering up yarn!!! Just damn.....I always miss the GOOD traffic!

Sadly, since Atlanta is so full of really crappy BAD news, the yarn incident didn't even make the news. I was so hoping to find some pictures for all of you, but alas, the incident does not make it above the rapes, murders, kidnappings, drug charges, kids going to jail, gang violence, drunk driving, money laundering, public official debauchery, etc. that runs rampant in this here part of the world. WHERE are our priorities for pete's sake?!?!

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theyarnwhisperer said...

Believe it or not, I was on my way to work and could have pulled over and loaded up on the yarn extravaganza. However, I didn't think I could call in late for work because there was a truck overturned with yarn. I think the people at work know me well enough to know that there would have been something more to the story. I did think it was interesting karma, though, that I was almost late for work because of it. I was hoping SOMEBODY would have gotten some pictures of it, but nobody did. That would have been a treat to see...yarn all over the road.