Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Time for Knitting

I haven't exactly had a mountain of time to devote to knitting lately. We have someone found ourselves to be the pseudo-presidents of our neighborhood association for the time being. We thought it would be a good idea to get everyone in our great neighborhood together and start having neighborhood association meetings again. Wayne started a website for our neighborhood so that we could start talking about things that needed to be done in the neighborhood. Well, it snowballed - in a hurry too.

An innocent discussion about how we needed to trim the bushes at our entrance island and repair the lettering on the sign turned into someone going up there the next morning and ripping out all the bushes by their roots! Don't get me wrong, it needed it and it is going to look WAY better when all of this landscaping gets done, but it pissed off some of the neighborhood "old timers" a bit. So Wayne and I went around today talking to people and apologizing for getting things stirred up without neighborhood votes and that kind of thing, hoping to quell things before the meeting so we don't get things thrown at us or death threats or anything of the like. here in the ATL is never dull. The dogs are having a great time tonight because we have been having "volunteer neighbors" stop by all evening to pick up flyers they have offered to help distribute. Of course, the dogs think they have been REALLY good so they are getting LOTS of visitors and attention!

Baby Alpaca update - I called today to suggest more names for the baby and the baby name has been decided - Harmony. Gail's dad's name is Harmon and he is the one that found the baby out in the pature so they named the baby Harmony after him!! I tried to talk her into Hermione but she said she would never be able to remember that........oh well.

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