Saturday, September 8, 2007


Right now, I hate them. I think that's all I need to say.

OK - that's a boring blog. How about this: Do you ever pick up your knitting the next day and wonder what in the HELL you were doing while you were knitting the night before because it obviously was not 'paying attention to you knitting'. Do you ever completely screw up your knitting without even realizing it? Like, you pick it up and think that evil little elves (or cats) came in during the night and completely screwed up all of your lace knitting??? UGH!! Well, that's what I came home to today.
I would think that with my knitting being so screwed up the next morning it would be for good reason. Like, 'there was a GREAT movie on TV and I was trying to knit and watch it at the same time' or 'I was trying to talk to my mom on the phone for an hour while I knit' or 'my husband was giving me a naked tallywacker dance while I was knitting and it was ruining my concentration'. None of the above apply (sadly on the third thing) so I just have to chalk it up to simply being lame.

We went to the Yellow Daisy Festival after we climbed Stone Mountain this morning. That was all good. We met my aunt there and we had a great time walking around and such. Then, I came home, got practically naked because it is hot as bejeeezus out there, had a new issue of interweave crochet that I sat down and read, then I went to work on the sock. I picked up the sock, looked at my lovely lace wor..........WHAT??? What the hell happened!?!?! I have all these beautiful rows of yarnovers - oh wait, except for THIS one here!! WTF?!?!

So, that's when you have to make a decision, right? Cry, drink, both or just fix it. So, I TRIED to fix it without frogging. I pulled the offending section off the needles and attempted to rebuild it. I got it pretty close except for one of the yarn over areas which was GAPING! So damn - FROG. So I frogged and spent the next 20 minutes getting it all back on the needles. I am close to my correct number of stitches, but I figure I am off because of not picking up yarnovers. I thought "well let me knit one round before I put it down so I can complete the fix". Well, that's kinda hard to do when you need 5 needles and for some reason now you only have FOUR!!

I tell ya. Sometimes those knitting godesses just slap you across the face and say "Oh you are DONE working on this for now!". Probably best.................

OK - time to forget about FUBAR knitting for a while and have a glass of wine and get ready to go back to Stone Mountain for the laser show. That should make me smile because right now knitting is NOT making me smile. I gotta learn the 2 socks on 2 circulars method because right now I'm having major second sock syndrome before I even finish the first one - I just need more circulars!! On a positive note, hubby did find a knit picks circular under the couch when he was helping me look for said DPN. I didn't even realize it was lost! Here's a picture of the offending sock as it sits in waiting right now..................

Oh and PS - if you don't know what FUBAR stands for, I'm not going to tell you. Ask someone you know who has been in the military and I'm sure they can tell you.

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theyarnwhisperer said...

I know it was so friggin hot out there! My stomach has been upset since we left there. I don't know if was the heat or the damn chicken fingers I was subjected to eat immediately upon arrival. We parked at Confederate Hall and walked down but I was worn out by the time we were done and we shuttled our lazy butts back.
I think there are evil elves that come out in the middle of the night with the sole purpose of screwing up your knitting so you have to go frog crazy and question your sanity and your very knitting abilities.
Is the Interweave Crochet any good? Steven wants me to stop by the bank to make a deposit and I was contemplating swinging by Books A Million to pick one up provided my GI system is cooperative.
I swear you posted those alpaca pictures just to torment me. I know it. How about Dharma for the new baby name? Or Kismet? Or Karma? (I've got a them running here, can you tell?