Friday, September 7, 2007


This is Slim.....he looks sweet and innocent doesn't he? Well, for the most part, he is. HOWEVER, he goes through this period right before bed every night where he turns into pure evil. Does anyone else's cat do this? I call it his "bananas period" where he just runs around acting bananas for about an hour. He gets into everything, destroys everything he can get into, knocks as much stuff off the tables and possible, chases the dogs around and is just a general menace. As I am writing this he is trying to climb all over my laptop.

Slim loves bedtime. He comes in at night and expects that we are going to be at 8:30 - no later than 9. And until we do decide to go to bed, he just acts like a butthead until we go upstairs. Every time I walk around the house in the evenings and even get close to the stairs he SHOOTS up the stairs in anticipation that we are going to bed. Most cats are nocturnal, right? Not this guy, he loves his bedtime and will lie motionless for 12 hours a night if we let him. At night we call him "noodle". You can literally pick him up and place him wherever you want him and he will just collapse in the position you put him into and go back to sleep - like a wet noodle.

Last night during his "bananas period" he grabbed my sock and thought he was going to take off with it. I tell ya, if he had pulled out those DPNs I would have had a fit! So, the knitting had to go away until we were done with banana hour.

On another note - FOOTBALL! Who watched the opening game last night? I know this is a knitting blog but now that it is football season you will have to listen to me rant about football as well. We play on a fantasy team. One of our running backs played last night - Deuce McAllister. Yeah, he didn't do crap. New Orleans got their butts handed to them on a platter last night. So, 2 points for our running back - woo hoo! Adam Vinatieri (kicker for Indianapolis for all you football virgins) had 11 points! Yeah! We love Vinatieri! So that was good.

OK - that's it - be listening for me to be bitching about the Redskins again this year.........but they were 2 and 2 in the pre-season so there's hope.

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