Friday, August 24, 2007

Ain't Knitters Great?

Today, I received this little package in my mailbox. A fellow knitter that I know via email asked for my address last week so that she could send me a "little something". So, I gave her my address hoping she isn't some skanky dirty old man just feigning that he has a knitting blog site so that he can prey upon innocent knitters. You never know - there are some downright crazies out there!!!

Anyway, today, this is what I received in the mail............

It's an Om stitch marker that she MADE! I love it! All the way from Peachtree City too. I told her she should sell them on my website! I love it when people can make cool things. I'm not sure how creative I am. I can knit and crochet and that's about it. My husband is definitely the artist in this relationship. He can make anything so he is oh so handy to have around! It's good that one of us can have the whimsical creative side and one of us (me) has the organizational and "bill paying" abilities. So, I am always impressed with people and their creative abilities.

Thanks Melissa!

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theyarnwhisperer said...

wow. Thanks for posting a picture of the stitch marker! I swear you and Amy take much better pictures than I do. Anything I take a picture of is fuzzy or the lighting is off. I love the badges! I've got to make sure Amy checks into it.
Oh. I think I'm going to Yarn Harlot! I've got a reserved spot. Just working out a minor snafu with my hubby's schedule.