Tuesday, February 27, 2007

OK - it's warm

That's the way it is here in Atlanta. If you don't like the temperature, just stick around for a few minutes! I think that was last week I wrote about how God Awful Cold it was but now I'm telling you how wonderfully warm it is!! We have been working out in our backyard garden today and just enjoying every minute of it! I think it must have hit about 72 today! I love the south....

We went to this yard sale over the weekend - who dosen't love a good yard sale?!?! We picked up a few really neat things. I bought a bunch of fabric, we bought a desk that is painted terrible colors but will refinish beautifully, a chair to go with the desk and other little things. But the guy that is moving (a neighbor) said that he was going to have someone come in and clear all of his bamboo out of his backyard. So, we immediately volunteered (with the understanding that we got to keep the bamboo)! We need to keep our dogs out of our garden when we plant it so, here is what we have been doing today:

Here is the desk and the chair we got. I think someone accidentally gave this desk to their teenager!!

And here is what the unpainted wood on the desk looks like:

And here is the fabric I bought:

I am less than adept at sewing. It took me two hours to cut two pieces of fabric to the same size so I'm not really expecting a needle case anytime in the near future. But, of course when I do finish it - I will post pictures if it is in fact presentable enough!

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