Sunday, February 18, 2007

OK - it's cold.

It's cold out there people. I was feeling REALLY cold until I read about Canada weather being -30. -30.....what does that even mean?? To me, that means to not go outside because human bodies will instantly freeze. So, I feel like a wuss telling you that we had to drag our butts out of the house to go climb Stone Mountain when it was 24 degrees this morning. That must be like a nice spring day in Canada. Again, thank goodness I live in the south. In all fairness, with the wind chill on top of the mountain it was 0 so that's gotta count for something. So, we had a nice climb despite the cold air. Wayne said his feet were actually sweating in his hand knit wool socks - mission accomplished. Here are some pictures we took on top of the mountain. No need to tell me just how very lovely I look - I already know, thanks anyway.

Here's a picture of my cute husband. His pictures are always cuter than mine - that really ticks me off too. But, by the end of our climb I was calling him "Trojan". If you can't figure it out from the picture then I'm just not going to tell you.

Signed, Knit Witch who is ready for flip flops!!!!
OTN - started a crochet baby blanket last night and a sweater for one of our dogs that will probably be ready in spring.

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