Thursday, April 28, 2011

Optimistic hunting

The other day I was walking around downstairs in our house and I happened to look out the window. I noticed what appeared to be a huge bird on top of our shed. At first, I thought it looked like a pretty chunky heron because of the shadows. But as I moved around a bit to get a better look, I could see it was one of our Canada Geese that frequent our pond. I have never seen them hanging out on top of our shed before so I thought that was pretty funny.

However, what made it even funnier was the fact that my little, tiny, 4 pound cat thought that she was going to stalk this goose on about a 90 degree angle roof and was going to "attack" him before he flew away. Of course, I knew that was never going to happen (Please don't send me hate mail about having an outdoor cat that is predatory on wildlife, it's really not necessary. She's a cat. Cats stalk things. She's also a pretty lazy cat that does not make much effort to kill anything. The chickens pretty much keep her in check.). So, I was amused with watching Missy plot her strategy.

Amazingly enough, she actually DID scale that roof with no trouble at all to get to the top! I was shocked! Of course, the goose flew off long before she actually got there and went to hang out in our pond where he knew cats would never tread. Once she figured out she could do it, she must have gone up and down that roof 10 times just to show off I guess. She seemed pretty darn pleased with herself! So, even though it wasn't a successful "hunt", it was certainly a successful day of personal accomplishments for her.

Our animals always seem to manage to keep us entertained!

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Turtle said...

Lol, she is not suffering from "small cat syndrome". I was so upset last week to find one of our summer mallards (mr mallard) dead in the road. SOmeone had hit him prob being stupid and speeding around, or intentionally. I saw mrs mallard a few days later, so bummed!